Artist's Statement
Curiosity is the the key to exploration within the world and our minds. My work as a photographer is an exploration of my curiosity and my desire to share my intrigue with others in hopes to spark wonder within them. I work with my camera, and it works with me. Together we create images that I hope to share with others, as work that I am proud of, and will leave my audience feeling better for having experienced it. To achieve this, most of my work is simple and colorful. Bright primary colors are prominent, with attention to create pleasant compositions. Keeping my subjects away from the edge of the frame creates a sense of balance within my work. Balance, which I believe to be, is the most important facet of life. To create balance within my composition is to create an image that is easy to observe.
My work often is of a unique perspective. I like to utilize vantage points, or camera lenses that show a subject in a different way than what many are used to. Using close up shots, and getting “too close” to a subject is something I do in my work to support this. By getting closer to my subjects and looking for new angles to take pictures from allows me to create my images. My own perspective is something I wish to share with others, and I attempt to recreate what I see and feel within my photographs. My curiosity is easily sparked, and perhaps if I can share my own curiosity in my work, I can foster curiosity and wonder within the hearts of others.