Here are some images of my capstone project "Story of The Sole", part of the CSUMB capstone festival: "Twenty Twenty"
You will also find on this page some documentation and behind the scenes of this project.
Story of The Sole, 2020
Archival pigment print on matte photo-paper in 2.56'' rounded squares.
Wooden Frame: 32'' radius
MLO Project Map
MLO 1: Historical and Contemporary Analysis
My own inspirations come from two photographers in particular, Edward Weston, and William Eggleston. Weston’s use of shape form and exquisite lighting are attributes which I find influences my work. Eggleston’s use of color and focus are what I identify most with. Additionally, this capstone is partly inspired by the historical format of photography from the 1800s: Daguerreotypes, a form of photography that mostly consisted of portrait photographs with shallow depth of field, and through the process of printing and reprinting, became small in size, typically between 1 and 8 inches.
MLO 2: Individual and Aesthetic Exploration
I have utilized all of my typical personal aesthetics within this project, including photography and editing techniques to achieve saturated colors, shallow depth of field. The photographs are macro and abstract as is typically my preference, as well as being in a square format, and small in size.
MLO 3: Community and Audience Understanding
The community I am focused on is the community of artists and friends around me, including the VPA community, as well as people who I am close to. I expect this capstone will intrigue my viewers and peak their curiosity. Shoes are iconic, and symbolic, and are the intersection between identity, and cultural and economic positionings.
MLO 4: Collaborative and Community Planning Skills
I will be using my capstone as a way to engage with the community of artists around me, through including them in the capstone. I am also currently looking at local organizations to collect and donate shoes to those in need.
MLO 5: Production Skills
I have learned through my academic career many different and effective ways to make photographs as I like them. I work to achieve the colors I see in real life, translate that onto a camera screen, again on a computer, and once more translated onto a sheet of photo paper. This process can take time, but I am confident in my shooting, editing, and printing skills as a photographer to do so in the best way possible for my own work. My experience with matting my own work often comes in handy as well, as I am going to mount and mat my work for this project as well, using the materials that I believe to work best with my style. Additionally, I have an A.S. degree in photography, and I am skilled at creating a cohesive body of work and curating my images.
MLO 6: Critical and Individual Analysis
Through photography, I am examining shoes as objects and their role in self identity. Choice of shoes can often represent economic status, cultural identity, and gender expression. I will be examining the state of shoes and how they might relate to these sociological conditions. Asking questions such as: “Are the shoes worn or polished? Are they new or old? Colorful? Formal? Shoes are a commodity within this country. What allows this project to be art will be my own artistic choices to play with scale, through the perspective, and through the photographs themselves.
MLO 7: Distribution Skills
I have created awareness of my project through shooting it, by letting my subjects know about the capstone festival, as well as handing out handmade square cards (which will also be featured at the capstone festival.) Additionally, I will be posting about it through my typical social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,) and through word of mouth between my family and friends.
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